Birth Flow Oil

Birth Flow Oil

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Use this oil for massage of the perineum and body for ease in birthing.
The essential oils were chosen for their relaxing effect, their antibiotic and anti inflammatory properties, their stimulating effect on the uterine contractions as well as the beautiful scent. Ingredients: Bulgarian lavender, clary sage, Roman Chamomile, blue chamomile, and jasmine in organic jojoba oil. 4 oz

This beautiful blend of essential oils was created for me by my midwife mentor. She passed away years ago. Using this oil at births keeps her essence close. In her honor a portion of the proceeds from this oil will go towards helping women afford a home birth.

This oil smells so good, I love to just rub some on my hands when I am at a birth. It is great for massaging the mother's back and shoulders during labor. During the birth it should be applied liberally to the perineum and baby's head to lubricate and soothe the vulva and vagina. The essential oils were carefully chosen to create this one of a kind oil.

Bulgarian Lavender: This is just lavender from Bulgaria, known for its rich scent. This variety has a high linalool and linalyl acetate content, which are widely known to reduce stress and inflammation, and induce a calm state. Lavender also helps promote contractions.

Clary Sage: Is known to help increase contractions. Rubbing it and lavender (or this oil) on the belly and thighs is commonly used to induce labor. It has quite a sedating effect which can reduce adrenaline production and therefore aid oxytocin production. It is know for "clearing". It can clear negative energy from the laboring mother, or from others in the room. It clears tension from the body. Clary Sage is the MOST SEDATIVE of all essential oils,  increases mental clarity and decreases the perception of pain.
Roman Chamomile: This relaxing oil can help reduce nausea and vomiting in labor. It works like lavender in reducing anxiety and promoting deep relaxation. When applied to the skin of the perineum it soothes the pain of stretching and prevents/reduces inflammation.

German Blue Chamomile: is an amazing anti-inflammatory. Its perfect for soothing the stretching skin as the baby emerges. Swollen skin is less stretchy! It also has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties which is wonderful to have applied before any tearing occurs (if it does)

Jasmine: This pricey oil is SO worth it in a birthing blend. It dulls uterine discomfort, strengthens contractions and promotes birth. It helps instill feelings of calmness and confidence. The beautiful scent promotes a dreamy relaxation.

Jojoba Oil is used as the carrier oil because it has some unique properties. It is very high in vitamin E which is so good for skin, especially if there is scarring from another birth. It is anti-fungal so if you have some yeast going on it can help. Jojoba assists the effectiveness of the essential oils with its ability to penetrate deeply into the tissues. 

A note about jojoba oil and cold weather. Jojoba (similar to coconut oil) solidifies in cooler weather. It stays in a liquid form in temperatures over 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That means if you have it delivered in the winter it may arrive cloudy, thick, or even solid. It will return to liquid at room temperature in your home. 
Postpartum:  Having someone use this oil massage your belly, back, and thighs (heck just do your WHOLE BODY!) can really help with tension, uterine tone, relaxation, mild depression and soreness.